What is a Testosterone Booster ? Complete Guide

Testosterone Boosters Explained

It’s really quite tough for a man to start feeling that he is getting past his “manhood”. Fortunately thanks to science developments now there are special testosterone booster products and solutions assisting on overcoming this unpleasant problem.

However in the course of years the man undergoes a hormonal change affecting not only his overall looks and sex life, but his psychological circumstance as well.

The body tends to build less testosterone hormone resulting in a variety of repercussions.

There is no particular way to know at the moment when the body undergoes through these changes.

Even so, as time goes by, the signs and symptoms become increasingly prominent and this leads to a “low” psychological condition.

In accordance to experts, testosterone hormone levels are at their peak close to the age of Twenty five years, considering this period as the strongest phase of a man.

Proceeding from the 25 years and further a drop in testosterone production begins, which in some situations is faster than normal, making a young person feeling like an old man!

This shouldn’t be acceptable.

You may have noticed that regardless of how hard you workout, an attempt to boost muscles and all round to enhance your body and lose fat, your body refuses to obey!

This is an indicator that you may have a reduced testosterone level!

What is a Testosterone Booster?


The Testosterone Booster is a dietary supplement designed to improve free testosterone levels.

What is the “free” testosterone?

Free testosterone is the testosterone “circulating” in the blood freely that is accessible to be made use of for various organism functions by various organs. The brain, muscles, and many other organs use “free” testosterone for diverse processes.

Even though many people choose to overlook it, free testosterone is incredibly important for the human body. We constantly find men who have normal levels of testosterone, but the free testosterone levels are very low and they are responsible for causing a lot of issues.

If you’re a male and you have low amounts of testosterone, then a testosterone booster is the one offering the solution.

Why men often have low testosterone levels?

Low Testosterone

The primary explanation: Their age

Definitely the first and most important reason that testosterone ranges are low is the age. Over the years, the human body has “come to an age”, leading to a decrease of testosterone production.

However, age is not the only factor influencing testosterone creation in your body.

Some of the main reasons leading to testosterone loss are:

No.1 Reason: Obesity

Obesity causes many significant problems in smooth organism functioning, 1 being the reduction of the testosterone hormone.

What happens is triggered by an enzyme created in the organism of obese or overweight individuals. This enzyme – called aromatase – is capable to turn the testosterone found in your organism to the female hormone (estrogen).

The more body fat on body, the more aromatase is produced in your organism, and therefore the bigger the quantity of testosterone will turn into estrogen. That means that the more you increase the excess weight on your body, the more female hormones you will have and so a smaller amount of male hormones are produced.

Did you know this?

For a man, lower testosterone in his body means several consequences (including feeling weak, elevated sentimentality, gynecomastia, erectile dysfunction and difficulties in muscle boosting).

No.2 Reason: Alcohol

A few beverages in the afternoon, just after a very demanding day, will make you loosen up, but did you know that this impacts your testosterone levels?

This happens because with alcohol intake, some endorphins are released into your body. These endorphins – offering the feel of euphoria and relaxation – are those “damaging” on your testosterone!

Besides, alcohol carries many calories, offering nothing nutritional and further collecting in your body’s liposomes, so producing fat. Furthermore, as mentioned, the more fat gathered in the body, the lower the levels of testosterone.

No.3 Reason: Sweets, sugar & soft drinks

It is a fact that sugar is terrible for your teeth… but it’s bad for testosterone as well! In accordance to an official clinical study from Oxford University, a group of 75 men consuming 75 grams of pure sugar, showed a substantial decrease in their testosterone amounts and this was confirmed on all of them! A reduction that is quite large, around 25%!

No.4 Reason: Soy & by-products

At this point the results are debatable, with a number of researchers supporting that soy intake decreases levels of testosterone and hence it will also decrease sperm count, while another group claims there is no established association between them.

No.5 Reason: Insomnia

Lack of sleep or problematic & poor quality sleep is a source of countless health problems. Although not well known in the world, poor quality sleep and insomnia are triggering a huge damage on testosterone.

The rate of decline on the testosterone levels may be 15% or even higher if the sleep is of poor quality or a lot shorter that it is needed.

How will a Testosterone Booster help you?

In case a lower testosterone level is suspected or found (due to difficulty in exercising, bad diets, or due to several other reasons), a good and risk-free dietary supplement of testosterone enhancement (Testosterone Booster) is the solution you are looking for!

A serious and reputable product will help you:

  • strengthen your body’s collagen production
  • reduce the signs of getting older (wrinkles & dry and dull skin)
  • increase your muscle mass gain throughout exercising
  • have a much better sexual performance
  • have a higher libido
  • have stronger bones (prevents fractures caused by osteoporosis)
  • have more stamina (in sports & in sex)
  • have a stronger sperm count

But if you thought that was all … you might be wrong!

The benefits of boosting testosterone (making use of a right and safe product) in a man’s body are numerous. Some additional and very significant consequences following the use of a testosterone booster are:

  1. a more powerful memory
  2. a better brain function & focus
  3. more confidence
  4. better psychology & better mood
  5. more energy
  6. more body fat burned

When testosterone ranges are viewed as low?

A large proportion of men have reduced testosterone levels …without even knowing it!

A man is considered as having low testosterone levels when the total blood testosterone amounts are less than 300 ng / dl, and free testosterone levels are below 5 ng / dl.

Low testosterone levels can be diagnosed by signs and symptoms like:

  • erectile dysfunction
  • depression
  • fractures
  • osteoporosis
  • lethargy
  • reduced physical performance
  • reduced sexual desire
  • sleep disturbances
  • tiredness
  • reduced sperm production

Are there different types of testosterone boosters?

Testosterone boosters are supplements aiming at increasing testosterone levels in your body. But are all of them similar?

In fact what a Testosterone Booster does is to adjust your hormones – resulting in an almost immediate increase in testosterone and preventing it from becoming estrogen (the female hormone)!

A good testosterone dietary supplement – altering and enhancing hormones in your body – brings you multiple benefits:

a stronger body with high energy levels and eliminating the feeling of fatigue or weakness
stronger body with enhanced and powerful muscle mass and no unwanted body fat
more powerful bones, reducing the possibilities of injury and fractures
much better erection, meaning better sex life and so much better psychology

However, to classify a testosterone supplement as beneficial, it is not enough only to have a positive effect on the body but to exclude any possible negative side effects it might have on your health, as well.

There is a limited number of chemical supplements assisting on increasing testosterone hormone and not triggering significant health effects on the user, as well

Could you ignore them?

We basically have two basic types of testosterone boosters:

  1. steroids
  2. and natural testosterone enhancers

So there are the known steroids that have actually impressive results on testosterone levels, but we all know the incredibly serious and dangerous side effects caused by them on the user.

Talking about steroids we could distinguish them in 3 groups:

  1. anabolic steroids
  2. corticosteroids
  3. and androgenic steroids

Let’s pay attention on the group of anabolic steroids, which is the most known topic due to their association with the testosterone.

How is testosterone related to anabolic steroids?

Most people think that anabolic steroids are testosterone supplements. But what’s the truth?

Studying what anabolic steroids can do will make us understand better what is their use.

Anabolic steroids are mainly aiming at the enhancement of the metabolic state of the body which certainly points in direction of the reconstruction of muscle tissues and the strengthening and firming of the body.

What is testosterone?

What is testosterone

Testosterone is a hormone. It’s the male hormone responsible for numerous capabilities of a man’s body. The deep voice, the muscular body, the growth of testicles and prostate, the beard, the heavier skeletal system (compared to female) … all these are only a few elements linked directly to the levels of testosterone in a male’s (of any age) body.

Testosterone is naturally produced in the testicles and more particularly by the cells found in testicles.

Both steroids and natural testosterone supplements are only given on prescription for therapeutic reasons only! Their use by athletes and bodybuilders is illegal and is amazingly dangerous.

Natural testosterone is accessible in injection form, while anabolic steroids can be found in both injection and oral capsules.

So it should be clear that talking about testosterone and anabolic steroids … we are talking about 2 different products, but both of those are damaging if they are not administered by a physician.

NOTE: Anabolic steroids are banned from sports, being substances recognizable in doping control checks.

So if you have a serious health problem that needs the use of a similar supplement, your doctor is to prescribe the suitable treatment.

But in case of an athlete on the lookout for training assistance or loss of excess body fat, then there is a group of Natural Testosterone Boosters

Natural testosterone boosters are supplements with an natural structure (totally risk-free for the body and the health of the consumer) and 100% legal.

They do not require a medical prescription, they are very simple to obtain and are very easy to use as well (usually orally).

Because they are a new generation of products, they are very successful even with their natural composition, and in addition they are medically tested!

With a Natural Testosterone Booster you can have all the advantages without the unpleasant and harmful side effects!

Which are the best testosterone boosters currently available on the market?

There is a rigid reference to legal products completely natural, not causing damage or problems to the body.

After a thorough research into various products available in the market aiming at boosting testosterone, the products examined were:

  • very demanded by the public
  • receiving good testimonials on the internet

The following 2 products have captivated our interest essentially because of the preference shown by the public.

The 2 Best Testosterone Booster products:

  1. Testogen
  2. Testo Max

No.1: Testogen

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Testogen presents a certified revolutionary formula – as stated by the company – 100% natural with very effective components.

What is the reality about this product? Is it truly effective?

What is certain after a first look at Testogen’s composition is that its natural and organic ingredients respect the body and pose no health risk.

But are they capable of stimulating the levels of testosterone in the body?

Testogen’s ingredients are all clinically tested before being approved.

Testogen’s structure is natural, but it claims real results, without any health problems and side effects.

The main substances inside Testogen are:

  • Vitamin D
  • red ginseng extract
  • fenugreek
  • D-aspartic acid

It takes four Testogen pills a day for just a few weeks to notice the first real and visible results of increasing testosterone concentration in your body. The visible achievements of using Testogen are mirrored in many things in your organism and body.

The most important results are:

  • much better sexual performance
  • greater bodily strength
  • better concentration
  • less excess weight
  • greater muscle mass
  • elevated energy levels

No.2: Testo Max

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Testo Max is yet another Testosterone Booster very respected and desired among people and with very good feedback. The name of the manufacturer is deemed to be a guarantee of professional nutritional supplements for bodybuilding, while it also receives extremely positive reviews from its consumers.

Testo Max is the legal alternative to the well-known Sustanon Anabolic.

Certainly the structure of Testo Max is not chemical like Sustanon, so not leading to any side effects.

Its effective action is achieved thanks to a natural ingredient called Tribulus Terrestris working to increase the levels.

D-aspartic acid, also contained in the Testo Max formula, works in a regulative way. What it does is to regulate the production of luteinizing hormone, responsible for producing the testosteron in your body. Testosterone is of fundamental importance for the reconstruction of muscle mass and for better performance during training.

The main active ingredients of Testo Max are:

  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B5
  • Vitamin B2
  • bioperines
  • boron
  • zinc
  • panax ginseng
  • fenugreek extract
  • D-aspartic acid
  • tribulus terrestris

Testo Max is excellent for both muscle strengthening and for the phase of cutting!

It has been authorized by the US National Medicines Agency (FDA) and meets all necessary standards for health and safety.

It is not administered by injection but by a tablet orally, making its use very friendly for each user.

Results – in accordance to the manufacturing company – positive outcomes may be visible from the very first day. However, in order to have adequate results it is crucial to use it for a period of at least a few days.

No. 3: Testofuel


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This is another effective testosterone booster that guarantees to have you looking like a body builder in no time.

The makers think that low testosterone denies your body the capability to build muscle.

This supplement is for that reason actively created to increase your testosterone levels with the objective of aiding you develop muscle.

It is created from 9 well researched natural ingredients, which is why it is among the very best natural testosterone boosters.

The maker is Roar Ambition, a supplements business based in the UK.

It guarantees to provide the following:.

  1. Genuine muscle development.
  2. More strength.
  3. Lowered body fat.
  4. Much better state of mind.
  5. Greater self-confidence.

Testofuel is readily available on www.testofuel.com.

For optimal results you must take 4 pills each day with meals.

How does it work?

Testofuel works by aiding your body to produce its own testosterone.
Generally, your body releases testosterone for various functions.
For one reason or another it can be less than your body requirements, particularly if you are a pretty passive person.
Testofuel’s well researched ingredients work together to assist your body increase its testosterone levels.
This supplement also restricts cortisol in the body, which in turn restricts the rate of muscle breakdown.
When these levels increase you can anticipate more muscle development, more energy and faster healing throughout your exercise routine.

Here are the cons and pros:


  • Enhances testosterone production in the body.
  • Boosts energy and muscle mass.
  • Utilizes natural, safe and well researched ingredients.
  • Money back guarantee for up to 90 days.
  • Great cost savings on purchasing 3 bottles.
  • No negative side effects.


Only available for purchase online.

No. 4: Prime Male


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Prime Male is particularly made for males who are over thirty years of age.
When testosterone levels begin going down in male bodies, research study reveals this is the age.

It guarantees to offer the following:.

  1. Increased muscle mass.
  2. Minimized belly fat.
  3. A boost in sex drive.
  4. Much better levels of blood glucose.
  5. Sharper focus.
  6. Enhanced cardiovascular health.
  7. Enhanced state of minds and self-confidence.
  8. More powerful bones.
  9. Much healthier skin.
  10. Enhanced prostate health.

Prime Male is readily available www.primemale.com.

For the very best results you must take one pill 4 times a day, with meals.

Suggested times are throughout breakfast, 11am, 2pm and throughout supper time.

How does it work?

Prime Male works by resolving 3 primary issues that decrease the production of testosterone in the body.

Each active ingredient operates in tandem with others to provide these results.

  • D- Aspartic Acid and Boron assist the body to release more testosterone.
  • Red Korean Ginseng is an ancient aphrodisiac that enhances sex drive and erectile quality.
  • Luteolin obstructs the production of the female hormone estrogen, making you more of a man.

The mix of testosterone boosters, minerals, amino acids and aphrodisiacs will provide you more energy, vigor and strength within no time at all.

These are the cons and pros


  • Well researched, effective active ingredients.
  • Efficient dosage in each active ingredient.
  • Boosts testosterone, energy, muscle mass and sex drive.
  • Refund warranty.
  • No reported negative effects.


  • When purchasing one bottle, costly.
  • Only available from the main site.
  • Not ideal for vegans and vegetarians.

NOTE: Any supplement, you might select, needs your individual effort to accomplish your goals. So correct nutritional routine and regular exercise are also a must.