Testosterone and Anger

Aggressive Man on Testosterone

Significance of Testosterone

Testosterone is the male sex hormone responsible for the exhibition of male characteristics. The hormone is secreted in the testes, and small amounts are secreted by the brain too. The hormone is responsible for male sexual characteristics such as muscle development, strong bones development. It’s also responsible for facial and body hair growth, increasing body energy, deepening of voice among many other functions. The normal testosterone levels are between 280 – 1,200 ng/dL or 35 nmol/dL.

The hormone can also be obtained from testosterone supplements to avert medical conditions such as hypogonadism. It can also be used in the treatment of some cancers and to enhance body performance. Athletes find testosterone supplements very resourceful. The use of the supplements in competitive sports is generally frowned upon though. It is seen as giving oneself an unfair advantage over the other competitors.


Does Testosterone Make You Angry?

There is a common rumor that goes around that testosterone causes aggression. Is it true? Is there scientific evidence to ascertain the same? Various scientific researches have been made, and the results are fascinating. The researches reveal that men who have high levels of testosterone count in their body portray a behavior of rage. They possess a characteristic of reacting to issues in a belligerent way.

There is also another research that correlates testosterone levels to the behavior of aggression. In this research they used castrated animals as their sample, they found out that the level of aggression reduced significantly as compared to the animals when they were not castrated. To cement the finding.

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The researchers found out that when they boosted the testosterone levels through testosterone replacement therapy in the castrated animals, the level of aggression shot up to levels equal to when the animals were not castrated. The research also revealed that testosterone affected the endocrine system which in returns causes behavioral changes, hence the aggression. Research further demonstrates that testosterone alone cannot lead to violence, but it’s a major contributor.

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How to Prevent Testosterone Levels from Decreasing

Testosterone hormone is essential in the body; hence, it has to be keenly monitored to maintain the required levels. The testosterone hormone, however, decreases as one progresses in age. The levels may also be affected by other factors such as diseases, injuries on the testes among many other factors. The reduction of testosterone leads to conditions such as weakened body muscles, reduced libido, development of weak bones to mention a few. There are a few strategies that can be employed to ensure testosterone levels in the body do not slump. They include:

  • Doing some exercise such as cardio and weightlifting. This helps in fighting lifestyle complications which affect the testosterone count.
  • Reducing stress levels. Stress lowers the level of testosterone by promoting an anti-testosterone hormone called cortisol.
  • Taking vitamins and other minerals like zinc increase the testosterone levels.
  • Getting enough sleep also improves T levels.
  • Using natural testosterone boosters like ashwagandha can help improve and maintain healthy testosterone levels.

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