Prime Male vs Testogen

When talking about testosterone boosting supplements, there are 2 heavyweights that are regularly brought forward in conversations, either around the gym or in normal chats about gaining muscles.

These 2 supplements are Prime Male and Testogen, both of which share outstanding track records from those who used them long enough, and to the inexperienced eye might look too similar for an objective decision.

Nevertheless, at Belly Shack our task is to put these supplements side by side, analyze them pound for pound, and see who is above the other on each and every aspect.

Prime Male vs Testogen


The main difference between Prime Male and Testogen is that Prime Male has a couple of additional ingredients and the overall formula works in a slightly better synergy than in the case of Testogen.

Although the main objective of both Prime Male and Testogen is testosterone enhancement, they do not use the same method to reach it. Truthfully speaking, there are a couple of essential differences to think about that can aid you to make an educated decision when choosing which one will work best for you.

Target Demographics

Prime Male

Prime Male invests a great deal of its marketing targeting males that are older than thirty years of age, which by the way is the very best market for them to target. For example, males that are older than 30 are most likely to see unwanted effects from decreased testosterone levels, specifically when compared to males that are still in their 20s.

This is not to say that younger makes won’t gain great results from using Prime Male, however, results will be way more noticeable for men that would normally see a decrease of their testosterone levels.

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Testogen, on the other hand, seems mainly concentrated on males that are passionate about bodybuilding and eager to enhance their competitive edge. It does include somewhat fewer active ingredients than Prime Male, a couple of which might work much better at acutely increasing testosterone, however, it is also geared towards enhancing energy levels, strength, and endurance.

It does not concentrate on males of a specific age, however, males under the age of 30 are most likely to look for supplements like this one.

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Main Benefits and Intended Usage Of Prime Male

  • Increasing sex drive – this is among the main signs males keep an eye out for when trying to see if a testosterone booster deserves its weight, comparing their procreative urges with males in their 20s as the most important standard on the list.
  • Increased energy levels – decreasing testosterone will strongly associate with decreasing energy levels, generally accompanied by sleepiness and lethargy. Prime Male can be of specific advantage if you believe your below-average energy has become normal rapidly, and at the same time with other symptoms that suggest low testosterone levels.
  • Helps in reducing body fat – as males age and testosterone levels start to decrease, body fat build-up ends up being a normal occurrence. This increases the threat of a number of metabolic illnesses, including heart problems or diabetes. Prime Male can help in reducing body fat by improving the creation of lean muscle mass.
  • Enhances health and wellbeing – part of what helps show the general health in men is testosterone levels for the age. Prime male aids to boost testosterone so that you can notice a much better state of mind and a greater sense of wellness. This is necessary for getting up early in the morning and achieving things you plan to do.

Main Benefits and Intended Usage Of Testogen

  • Sharpens focus – the components included in Testogen are known to be the best to enhance your focus and cognition so that your psychological performance is improved while you are doing whatever you have planned. This will benefit you at the gym, or at work while doing crucial tasks.
  • Enhance sex drive – like Prime Male, Testogen will also help to enhance your libido, at the same time enhancing sexual endurance while doing so.
  • Enhances energy levels – by increasing testosterone, your vitality is also enhanced, together with resistance to tension and fatigue.
  • Muscle development – supports accrual of lean muscle mass and subsequent decrease of body fat.
    The safety aspect

Prime Male


Prime Male is commonly seen as an extremely safe supplement, owing to the fact that adverse side effects arising from intake are really sporadic if any.

The most frequently reported negative effects from prime male usage consist of nausea, which can be eased by ingesting the tablets after a meal.


Also extremely easy to tolerate by most males that add it to their supplement list, the occurrence of negative effects is usually very low. The most typical adverse effect related to the intake of Testogen is also nausea, which lots of supplements that have a high dosage of D-Aspartic Acid are prone to do.

The addition of fenugreek might worsen gynecomastia in males that are very sensitive to female hormonal agents like estrogen, however, this is among the rarer occurrences associated with its usage.

Main Differences In Active Ingredient Solution

Although Prime Male and Testogen have several similar active ingredients, there are distinctions in regards to strength, or components that you might only find in one supplement or another. Despite the fact that differences might appear unimportant to customers, it is precisely this that makes one product different from the other.

The core active ingredients that can be found in both supplements are:

  • D-Aspartic Acid
  • Zinc
  • Red ginseng
  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin B6

Although there is a good amount of overlap with these 5 components, the doses used are rather different. For example, Testogen has substantially more ginseng (250mg vs 120mg in Prime Male) and vitamin B6, in addition to more D-Aspartic Acid.

Unique components in Prime Male:

  • Luteolin
  • Vitamin K2
  • Magnesium
  • Nettle root extract
  • Boron
  • Magnesium
  • Bioperine

Unique components in Testogen:

  • Selenium
  • Vitamin B2
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Fenugreek
  • Vitamin B5
  • Benefits and drawbacks

Prime Male

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  1. Will aid to enhance several elements of male sexual health and general wellness
  2. The brand name has a positive track record
  3. Money-back guarantee if you feel that the supplement is not for you


  1. A lot of tablets to ingest, coming in at 4 daily.
  2. The supplement is not all that cheap and is really at the upper end of the price spectrum when talking about testosterone boosters, although the price will reflect its quality.
  3. Must be utilized for at least 90 days to see noticeable positive results


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  1. Consists of selenium, a crucial micromineral that supports testosterone synthesis
  2. Economically priced – purchasing 3 bottles makes you eligible for 2 more totally free
  3. Testogen is popular and has a devoted fan base
  4. Great deals of B vitamins can act positively on your state of mind
  5. 60-day money-back guarantee (67 technically, given that they provide you 7 days to return the supplement).


  1. Components do not have synergy.
  2. Some active ingredients have actually not shown a performance history of increasing testosterone (for example Tribulus).
  3. Consists of a lot of zinc – at a dosage that can be seen as tough for the prostate to handle.

The Conclusion – Our Suggestion

In general, if your objective is general testosterone improvement and enhanced male health, Prime Male is the best to help you reach this objective. It has an exceptional mix of components that work synergistically to enhance testosterone production and can help deal with low testosterone levels due to bad habits.

Testogen consists of a couple of ingredients not available in Prime Male and is the best fit for individuals that want to improve the rate of lean muscle accrual. Fenugreek, for example, works for many men that take it and can improve the bodybuilding process.

So in summary, it comes down to what you need the most from a testosterone booster. If you’re under 30 and wish to be a monster in the gym, give Testogen a shot. Otherwise, if you’re more interested in general male health, you can’t fail with Prime Male.

Both are great supplements.