Prime Male Review – An Unbiased Opinion

Testosterone hormones are vital for every single man out there. Apart from helping to enhance our overall physical fitness, they also are responsible for increasing our strength, overall performance, and libido. Nevertheless, similar to any other hormone, it is possible for the testosterone levels to go below normal. This is when we begin to experience exhaustion and we might start getting moody. Plus, we might find it difficult to lose weight as well. It is important to boost the levels of testosterone since this will aid in restoring the balance in our system. This is exactly where Prime Male more than any other testosterone boosters, comes into action.

What exactly is Prime Male?


Order Prime Male NowThis product is a natural testosterone booster that helps to enhance our testosterone levels significantly. It consists of 12 nutrients that are beneficial to our system and won’t lead to any harmful and undesirable side effects.

Main ingredients of the product:

D-Aspartic Acid (DAA)

This particular ingredient is reputed for its capability of enhancing the testosterone levels. It is considered to be the primary driving force behind this supplement mentioned here. In spite of being a comparatively new testosterone booster, individuals already have got a feel of its abilities.

Vitamin K2

This ingredient helps in boosting the synthesis of androgen. Although this vitamin is present within our testes naturally, the one from the supplement available in the form of MK-7 helps to enhance androgen synthesis substantially. It is considered to be an effective remedy for older men.


Doctors often advise you to include zinc in your diet more than anything else. Zinc helps to stimulate the generation of testosterone inside the testes and can also improve our sex drive significantly.

Vitamin D

It might be known to you that Leydig cells happen to be the source of testosterone. You might also be aware that vitamin D receptors are present inside the Leydig cells. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand that it would be possible to improve our testosterone levels considerably by taking vitamin D. Prime Male comprises a notable amount of vitamin D which can help to improve the development of testosterone.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B is imperative for your overall health. Nevertheless, vitamin B6 is special because it helps in improving your libido. A premium version of vitamin B6 is present in Prime Male that is definitely helpful to the males.


The hormone SHGB is considered to be quite dangerous for the men out there. It can even end up making the testosterone completely useless by binding itself to it. Nevertheless, these effects can be counterbalanced by magnesium which it does by neutralizing the hormone. Incidentally, Prime Male happens to be packed with magnesium.


Just like magnesium, boron helps to limit the interaction between testosterone and SHGB hormones.

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Nettle Roots

A man might face lots of problems when his testosterone becomes transformed into estrogen. The enzymes which are responsible for accomplishing this task work along with SHBG. Nettle Roots help to neutralize these enzymes along with SHBG.


Prolactin, which is deemed to be a hormone for the girls, can destroy our testosterone levels. However, this hormone can be blocked by MucunaPruriens which aid in improving testosterone production.


Luteolin can be responsible for maintaining a healthy balance between estrogen and testosterone. It furthermore functions as an anti-estrogen which is able to combat the effects brought on by DAA.

Korean Red Ginseng

Were you aware that the stress hormone identified as cortisol can lead to the death of the testosterone hormone? Fortunately, the Korean Red Ginseng ingredient functions in the form of an anti-anxiety activity.


This ingredient is present in every single supplement out there and it aids in making practically any compound bioavailable irrespective of the dose taken by you.

All these ingredients mentioned above are present in a balanced dose, and they are all available in the natural forms. You will not come across any chemical additives which may cause significant health problems for you.

How does Prime Male work?

This supplement consists of 1,700 milligrams of DAA which happens to be an incredible testosterone booster. You are sure to begin experiencing significant changes with only a few servings.

The presence of BioPerine makes sure that every single unit of the DAA is properly absorbed in your body which indicates that nothing will be lost whatsoever. Apart from helping to improve your testosterone levels, it also improves your energy levels considerably. This helps to make the process of weight reduction simple for you.

How to take Prime Male?

It is recommended to take as many as four capsules on a daily basis at different times of the day. One bottle of Prime Male supplement contains 120 capsules and it is advisable to take one capsule at least 20 minutes prior to having breakfast. This is followed by one more capsule one hour prior to having lunch. The next one has to be taken two hours following lunch and you must have the final one in the evening.

Nevertheless, these capsules should be taken at a gap of 3 to 4 hours during the day and you must make certain that you take them before any major meal so as to get the best out of them.

Taking in excess of four capsules on a daily basis is not recommended, and individuals using any sort of medication must talk to their physicians before using this supplement.

Is it safe to take Prime Male?

There is no doubt about the fact that Prime Male happens to be amongst the most effective testosterone boosters on the market you will find at present. You can use it without any problems at all since all the ingredients are 100% natural herbal products. The ingredients are properly displayed on their website plus on the packet too together with the dosage. Therefore, anyone having any concern can talk to their medical practitioner or nutritionist for evaluating its safety.

Apart from this, you will also come across numerous testimonials which you will find online most of which have talked about the beneficial aspects of Prime Male. The supplement has been promoted by the famous Hollywood actor named Dolph Lundgren and you will come across numerous medical experts out there who will recommend the supplement.

Side effects:

This supplement happens to be a purely natural product that has been made from herbal extracts. No side effects have been reported so far by its users and no effects have been shown by the double-blind studies made by the manufacturer. Prime Male does not consist of any “active pharmaceutical ingredient” or API in the defined form as compared to many of the therapeutic drugs out there.

Even though all the ingredients in this supplement are in the raw form, they are all purified so that they can be consumed safely. While you are taking this product, it is something like consuming vegetables and fruits to combat any deficiency in nutrients.

Prime Male is not going to add testosterone into your bloodstream directly, and therefore, it is absolutely risk-free for consumption. Nevertheless, high testosterone levels can often lead to conditions like acne and hair loss which can be fixed by a DHT blocker out there.

However, any individual with any previous history of diabetes, stroke, heart problems, and so on should talk to their physician before using this supplement so as to remain safe.

The Pros:

  • Powerful and all-natural ingredients
  • Enhance athletic performance, sex drive, muscle growth, and hair development
  • Fantastic testosterone enhancing properties
  • Wonderful absorption capacities plus support for the entire day
  • Anybody can use it irrespective of his age and profession
  • Astounding reviews

The Cons:

  • Somewhat pricey
  • Not vegan-friendly
  • Only obtainable at the website of the manufacturer

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Where is Prime Male sold?

The only place where you can purchase the supplement will be from the website of the manufacturer. Even though it is somewhat pricey unlike the other testosterone enhancing supplements out there, it will definitely get the job done for you. As a result, it is really worth the cost and if you purchase in excess of one bottle, you will be getting some freebies too! Interestingly, one bottle consists of 120 pills which is enough for as many as 30 days.

The pricing is somewhat like this:

  • One bottle (30 days) is available for $69 with a shipping charge of $8
  • Two bottles (60 days) are available for $138 with a free shipping charge all through the UK and the US
  • Four bottles (120 days) are available for $207 and the shipping is free globally.

This is really incredible!

Final verdict:

Thus, after going through this above-mentioned Prime Male review, there is no doubt that the supplement is definitely one of the most effective testosterone boosting products available at present. You will get some fantastic results by combining this supplement with an appropriate sleep schedule, diet, and workout routine. This has helped many people across the globe and you too will not be an exception to that. If you like to learn more about this product then the best thing will be to purchase Prime Male and try it on your own.

Prime Male


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  • 100% natural
  • Very potent
  • No side effects
  • Fast results


  • Not vegan-friendly
  • Can only be bought from the official website