Male Menopause Symptoms



Male Menopause symptoms are established when the male is diagnosed with andropause—the male equivalent of menopause found in females. This refers to a condition during which the testosterone levels decline appreciably in men. Since testosterone is the primary sex hormone in males along with being a secondary metabolic hormone; Male Menopause induces a wide variety of symptoms. Among these, decreased muscular strength and declining libido are the chief indications while infertility is also possible. It should be noted that males tend to have greater amounts of testosterone and undergo a far more severe decline in testosterone as they age when compared with females who also suffer an age-based hormonal decline. This decline in testosterone levels is natural since after peaking around the age of 18, most men suffer from a declining synthesis of testosterone.

A slight (and gradual) decline in the hormone levels is not referred to as male menopause. This condition is indicated when the testosterone levels are so low that it becomes a direct deterrent to the patient’s overall well-being, particularly their sexual and reproductive health. Natural male menopause is accepted to be established after the age of 50 whereas male menopause sets-in much earlier, usually during the middle-age years.

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Understanding the Causes of Sudden Onset of Male Menopause

Male menopause is often triggered in an acute and sudden fashion. This is caused by factors such as acute illness like tuberculosis or liver damage. Other causes include physical trauma suffered in an accident. It has now been established that male andropause is often fastened due to the illnesses that affect the lungs such as pneumonia. Similarly, cardiac patients show a greater potency towards developing male menopause much earlier than the usual age. However, men suffering from autoimmune diseases and cancer seem to present a much higher risk of developing low testosterone levels prematurely.

Male Menopause Symptoms Similar to Female Symptoms

Some symptoms of male menopause are quite similar to those suffered by women diagnosed with menopause. This includes hot flashes and night sweats that are widely regarded as the primary indicators of hormonal imbalance in women suffering from menopause.

Other similar symptoms include physical and mental fatigue along with a greater tendency to develop muscle/joint pains. Men suffering from andropause too are likely to become irritable and develop emotional symptoms found in menopausal women including unexplained mood swings and depression.

Andropause can be effectively treated if timely medical help is sought. The most recommended form of treatment is Testosterone Replacement Therapy or TRT. Again, this method of treatment is similar to Estrogen Replacement Therapy that is used for menopausal women.