Fat or Fit? The Choice is Yours

Fat? or Fit?

I am just amazed at the high number of overweight and obese people I see on a day to day basis. This is an epidemic that puts the United States at the top of the list for the most obese people in the world.

Despite the many reasons why this is the case, we need to focus on solutions. There are many health risks associated with obesity. These include high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke. Most cases of high blood pressure and heart disease can be prevented with proper nutrition and moderate exercise. It’s just that simple. Yes, you read that right. SIMPLE.

Why are so many people falling into the trap of fast food and sedentary lives? Again, there are many reasons. For one, pills are easier. It doesn’t take much time or effort to swallow a pill to get your blood pressure down. I personally will not accept taking drugs as a proper or effective way to live my life. We need to make changes to the way we live and the ways we abuse our bodies.

Here are just a few tips for a healthier life:

Healthy Lifestyle a Choice

Stop drinking so much soda. Ditch the “diet” junk, too. Imitation sugars do not do a body good. It’s hard for the body to break down those chemicals. Also, the caffeine depletes your body of water and you dehydrate more easily. Start drinking more water. If that doesn’t sound too good for the already damaged, sugar overloaded taste buds, add a bit of natural juice to it at first. Your taste buds will get used to it eventually and your body will thank you for it.

Stop eating processed foods! These foods are literally killing you. These types of foods include packaged, pre-made foods. There is so much hidden sugar and sodium in these foods. Don’t have time to cook everyday? Pick a few days a week (or one day a week) and cook up a batch of food you enjoy and freeze it in containers for later use. Making your own food and freezing it for a week is no different than buying those processed frozen dinners except that they won’t be loaded with junk and it takes a bit more effort to prepare. It saves money, too.

Ditch the burger. Fast food is notorious for being loaded with fat and sodium. Go for the healthier options fast food joints offer like salads. And better yet, avoid the fast food joints period.

I’ve heard it all too often- “I hate exercising.” Well, there are ways to get around that. Find something you enjoy. If you like to shop, go shopping and pick up the pace a bit as you walk. Don’t stop-yet. First, take a look around while walking at that brisker pace first. Check out the sales and things you may be interested in. Then after you get a good walk in go back and check those items out. Too hot or too cold? Go to the mall. Start out slowly. Give your body time to adjust. If you start out in full force, you could injure yourself, you’ll get discouraged and never want to exercise again.

Do you have a dog? Walk him. Take longer walks with him. Dogs need exercise, too. And you can burn up to 764 calories per hour.

Do you like flowers? If you have an area where you live, plant some flowers outside. Gardening burns a lot of calories- up to 200 calories per hour or more.

Clean your house. Vacuuming alone burns 334 calories per hour on average.

There are no excuses for a person who is physically able to exercise not to do it.

Exercise and better nutrition can alleviate many ailments. Eventually, (with your doctor’s approval, of course) you can throw away those blood pressure pills and you won’t be dependent on chemicals (pills) to make you feel better (and I question how chemicals can really help your body feel better). Your body was made to move and has the ability to regenerate on its own. It was not designed to be dependent on chemicals and drugs.