The best tricks and tips around fitness and muscle building. The dos and donts of muscle sculpting

Lose Weight in College

How to Lose Weight in College

Going to college, like most steps of the American Dream, offers a wide and diverse array of ways to get fatter. Your mom isn't there to tell you what to eat, your dreams of being a college athlete have been crushed, and suddenly it's a lot easier…
The slimming tea Koutea review

Kou Tea Review - Do Not Purchase Until You Read This Review

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Kou Tea Review Did you ever find yourself puffy and with your heart sank? Modern way of life has actually offered us a great deal of conveniences, however hours of sitting, not having the ability to go to the gym or work out can be a minus…

Boosting Metabolism: Myths and Facts

A slow metabolism is often quoted as the cause for weight gain. Whether that's true or not, the market abounds with products claiming to raise metabolism and promote weight loss. Should you trust them? This article explores the myths and facts…

6 Great Workouts To Eliminate Back Fat

Eliminate Back Fat Back Fat - A dreadful occurrence and not a great look for anybody out there. All those clothes, tank tops are worthless, and whenever you try to hide it, it will find a way to show up when you least expect it. We are here…
Fat? or Fit?

Fat or Fit? The Choice is Yours

I am just amazed at the high number of overweight and obese people I see on a day to day basis. This is an epidemic that puts the United States at the top of the list for the most obese people in the world. Despite the many reasons why this…
Vegetarian Diet Article

Bodybuilding for Vegetarians

Most muscle guys will tell you that you have to eat meat --and lots of it-- to build big and strong muscles. Bodybuilders are skeptical that vegetarians can ever get enough protein to be truly buff. Wrong! Bodybuilding and a vegetarian lifestyle…
Bodybuilding diets and what to eat

Bodybuilding Meal Plan - Can You Eat Anything?

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Bodybuilding is focused around constructing your body's muscles through weight-lifting and nutrition. Whether competitive or for fun, bodybuilding is typically described as a way of life, as it includes both the time you invest in and outside…
Become a Bodybuilder

Bodybuilding - You Have What it Takes

Bodybuilding can be described as both an art and a sport. It is the process of creating one's physique by implementing a strict diet and exercise. There are two main forms of bodybuilding: recreational and competitive. Competitive bodybuilding…
Good fats and healthy eating

Good Fats: Are They Necessary or Not?

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The good fats and their value in any diet are analyzed in today's review. The existence of bad and good nutrition is at accepted by everyone following a normal nutrition strategy and by professional athletes using a specialized diet. Fat…
Forskolin 250 official

Forskolin 250 Review - Is This The Best Product Containing Forskolin?

Another supplement, the Forskolin 250, known as nature's wonder, is taking the weight loss market by storm. This product is said to offer help on weight loss, and considered one of the best supplements for increasing your energy levels. A…