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Become a Bodybuilder

Bodybuilding can be described as both an art and a sport. It is the process of creating one’s physique by implementing a strict diet and exercise. There are two main forms of bodybuilding: recreational and competitive. Competitive bodybuilding began in 19th century Europe in the form of strongman competitions. This was not so much bodybuilding for physique as it was just a show of pure strength. Over the years bodybuilding became more of a method to look good than to just be strong. In 1947, the first international sanctioned competition took place and this was the Mr. Universe competition. This event involved only men until the 1970’s when women started getting involved. Throughout the years more and more people have started to take up bodybuilding. Many people do some form of weight training but do not realize that they too can have muscles like the ones they see in bodybuilding magazines. Although it is very difficult it is possible for anyone to become a bodybuilder with the right knowledge and work ethic.

Bodybuilding involves extensive weight training and extreme discipline. It is essential to consume meals and supplements that are high in protein to help muscles recover from workouts and to stimulate muscle growth. Bodybuilders’ main focus is not to be incredibly strong but rather to have a toned muscle structure and a low fat percentage. Although it is necessary to train constantly it is important to not over train. Over training means working the same part of the body too often and not allowing time for recovery. This can actually have a negative impact and is worse than not training in the first place. The goal of bodybuilders is to look as toned and muscular as possible. In order to do this one must completely rid himself of the urge to eat junk food, overeat, or miss workouts.

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A lot of people who consider themselves skinny and not very athletic see huge bodybuilders on television or in magazines and think that they could never achieve those results and figure that they will not even bother trying. The truth is that a lot of bodybuilders started off being small and skinny. Through years of hard work and studying they were able to accomplish what they probably felt was impossible when they started. Being a bodybuilder does not mean that you have to look freakishly big with bulging muscles and win competitions. Being a bodybuilder means that you are willing to take on a healthy diet, spend hours working out everyday, and minimize your fat percentage.

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How do you become a bodybuilder?

The first step in becoming a bodybuilder is to consult a physician and determine if there is any health risk in exerting strain on the body or changing the diet. The next step is to set clearly defined and reachable goals. These goals are helpful in keeping focused and staying on the right track. Setting goals that are unrealistic could cause you to become disappointed and quit when you cannot attain them. Another important step in becoming a bodybuilder is to work with a budget. It is very important to determine whether it is more cost efficient to get a gym membership or work out at home. Most people do not have the proper equipment at home that would allow them to become a bodybuilder so the logical solution is the join the local gym. Gym memberships are generally fairly cheap and will be a lot more beneficial due to the large variety of machines and free weights available. Possibly the most important aspect of becoming a bodybuilder is eating healthy. It is very important to always eat healthy and never take substances that are harmful to the body. A common misconception is that the only way to achieve noticeable results is to use steroids. While using steroids does make a person bigger and stronger it is not the only way and is certainly not the safest way. Rather than taking steroids to get bigger you should focus on eating a lot of carbohydrates, healthy fat, and most importantly protein. The best protein to take is from beef, white eggs, whey, and dairy products.

Bodybuilders who wish to become famous and make some money can devote their time to competition. Competitions can be very grueling and knowing how to prepare is essential. It is necessary for body builders to have a tan and a healthy looking skin tone. This helps to show off the muscle definition and can be done naturally in a tanning booth or by applying artificial tanning liquid. Also, just as important as having the physique is knowing how to flex. Bodybuilders need to learn various poses and need to practice flexing them for 60 seconds at a time. This helps build muscle endurance so that they do not wear out or start shaking on stage during competition. Probably the most difficult part of preparing for competition is limiting the body’s water intake during the 24 hours before a competition. This rids the body of excess water weight and provides and even more defined look.

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Should you use steroids?

A controversial issue regarding bodybuilding is the use of steroids. Steroids are used by a large number of bodybuilders in order to gain a lot of muscle in a very short period of time. Although steroids will accomplish this feat they do a lot more harm than good. Steroids can lower a male’s sperm count, make a person more aggressive, and cause major organ failure. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was seven time Mr. Olympia admitted to using steroids for competitions and has had some heart problems that many believe are a direct result. Although, he has never publicly admitted that he believes this is the case he has urged bodybuilding officials to crack down on the use of steroids. Since becoming governor he has called several meetings to discuss the problem of steroids in bodybuilding. If you really think that you won’t be able to accomplish your goals without the use of steroids, at least opt for the healthy, legal alternative. Legal steroids can offer similar results without the nasty side effects.


In conclusion, through great determination, time, and willingness to learn anyone can become a body builder. Before hitting the weights and trying to pack on muscle aspiring bodybuilders should become extremely knowledgeable on the subject in order to maximize success and more importantly to prevent any injury or health problems. Last but not least, steroids are an unnecessary evil in the sport of bodybuilding. Although they do provide some temporary benefits they are extremely damaging in the long run and should never be taken by anyone at anytime.