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The Way to Lose Weight – We Found The Answer

Obesity is an endemic problem depending on several factors which range from body type, genetics, dietary habits, Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), lifestyles, etc. The rest of the factors being more or less same for most individuals, and they are diet and lifestyle. Look at it this way, our ancestral forefathers who maintained a nomadic hunting […]

Best 10 Liver Cleansing Foods

Your liver is the greatest organ in the body and an essential one because it cleanses the blood from the gastrointestinal system. It aids your body to make protein, and produces bile. Lite eating and healthy routines are valuable to keep your liver healthy. Liver cleansing includes either going on a juice diet plan or […]


Boosting Metabolism: Myths and Facts

A slow metabolism is often quoted as the cause for weight gain. Whether that’s true or not, the market abounds with products claiming to raise metabolism and promote weight loss. Should you trust them? This article explores the myths and facts surrounding metabolism. Defining Metabolism The human body never rests. Even asleep, it’s busy keeping […]


Bodybuilding for Vegetarians

Most muscle guys will tell you that you have to eat meat –and lots of it– to build big and strong muscles. Bodybuilders are skeptical that vegetarians can ever get enough protein to be truly buff. Wrong! Bodybuilding and a vegetarian lifestyle are not contradictions in terms. You can get buff and maintain a meat-free […]