Ageless Male Review – Is It Any Good?

Let’s talk about Testosterone. You might think you know everything about it, but do you?

Check out the article listed below and test yourself to see if the information you had on this extremely crucial hormone is up to date.

All the details about testosterone will be revealed within the next lines. How it can help, where does it really aid and what will happen if it reaches really low levels.

Testosterone is typically decreasing with time, or better said as the individual ages, producing substantial effects on life, physical condition and sexual ability of males.

For many men the indications of low testosterone are more frustrating and apparent at the same time as it makes them lose their self-confidence and feel older.

Due to how their bodies are built, guys specifically after the age of 50 start experiencing the indications of aging, especially because of this significant reduction in testosterone level.

It is not unusual for this decline of testosterone to begin at a much younger age. The occurrence is seen more and more in youthful males who are losing the libido and the body firmness.

Low testosterone has as a first outcome a mental lowness, as the individual feels rather different from people of the same age as him.

A hormone imbalance produces a variety of signs such as:

  • issues with erection
  • absence of libido
  • lower quantity of sperm during ejaculation
  • loss of muscle tissue
  • gynecomastia
  • baldness
  • sensations of tiredness and fatigue
  • increased body fat
  • lowered bone mass
  • lowered strength and low energy levels
  • varying state of mind and swelling

CAUTION: A medical diagnosis is possible only after medical tests to validate that the changes experienced are truly connecting to low levels of testosterone.
Lots of products on the market are trying to fix this issue for men. Among them– to be evaluated today– is Ageless Male.

ageless male bottle

Is Ageless Male the most appropriate supplement for you and your requirements?

This is a tricky product , so let’s discover together as we go through all the available info about this supplement and take a look at what it states is does in relation with testosterone levels.

Ageless Male – Structure


Here’s a look over the active components of Ageless Male, to make it possible to understand it’s action on your body

One Ageless Male pill includes:

  • 4.9 mg of Vitamin B6
  • 16 mg of Magnesium
  • 15 mg Zinc
  • 300 mg Fenugreek seed extract

What will these ingredients do in this combination and how will they increase your testosterone levels?

A little talk and explanation of them will help you understand.

We begin with the “essential” component, Fenugreek.

Fenugreek is an ingredient containing a natural substance, called saponins, leading to the boost in testosterone levels of the body. This boost is attained through the increase in luteinizing hormone and has great impacts on the level of sensitivity and release of the insulin hormone.

This active ingredient is also utilized to fight weight problems and lots of other illnesses. Among the normal usages of this plant is the treatment of impotence along with male infertility, absence of libido in males… and male impotence.

KEEP IN MIND: Making use of Fenugreek to eliminate “male issues” is – as we have already pointed out — rather usual, without the presence of main studies showing that its usage might trigger a boost in testosterone levels!

There are some studies which couldn’t demonstrate any modification in testosterone hormone levels in males after utilizing 500 to 600 mg of Fenugreek daily. There is, nonetheless, just one study that contradicts the rest of them, revealing a boost in testosterone when the individual received 500 mg of Fenugreek as a dietary supplement daily.

Ageless Male consists of a mix of Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin B6. This mix called ZMA should naturally be discovered in numerous foods such as red meat, poultry, spinach, nuts, beans, oysters and full grains.

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These are 3 extremely fundamental components in Ageless Male’s structure, given that they help the body, and more importantly the testosterone production.

The studies around the ZMA formula are not considered enough to validate that magnesium and vitamin B6 boost testosterone levels in such a way to offer obvious results.

Some studies on the other hand, show positive results on the usage of zinc.

KEEP IN MIND: In a study performed on professional athletes the results showed that about 30 mg of zinc daily as a dietary supplement will increase testosterone levels.

Ageless Male – Pros

  • affordable price
  • 1 month money back guarantee
  • studies accrediting that zinc can have favorable results
  • fenugreek has several advantages in the body (consisting mainly in a boost in testosterone production)
  • easy method of purchase (from online and physical shops).

Ageless Male – Cons

  • not enough clinical research studies on its efficient ability
  • Amazon’s evaluations do not point out any positive results following its usage
  • a moderate review grade by the customers that have used it
  • its structure has not enough strength to increase levels of testosterone hormonal agent
  • a rather favorable impact on the person’s sexual health rather than on muscle boost

Male – Standard Info

What it is: A dietary supplement for males (for increasing testosterone production, weight loss, muscle building, for energy and endurance levels, while also enhancing people’s sexual health).

Where to purchase it: In physical shops and online (e.g. Amazon, New Vigor, Walmart, Walgreens).

The cost: One package has a price of $29.99. You can find Ageless Male at various rates on the web and at physical shops.

Who should use it: It is intended only for males who want to increase their testosterone levels and everything that comes with this hormonal boost (increased muscle strength and mass, boost of weight loss, enhancement in sex drive and sexual efficiency, increased levels of energy, athletic and endurance efficiency).

Who should avoid taking it: women, individuals with serious health issues, individuals getting medication for a few particular conditions, and young kids.

Reviews it received: Typically, Ageless Male appears to get a moderate score and reviews on the web, not showing a clear reliable strength of this product.

Guarantees: The Ageless Male dietary supplement provides an one month money back guarantee. Throughout this time a return is provided without needing any particular reason.

Shipping: Shipping is at the address within 1-2 service days (limitations apply).

Delivering expenses: Shipping is free of charge for orders over $35.

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Formula: The formula of Ageless Male is natural and triggers no side effects or other unexpected results in the body.

Scientific research: There are (not enough though) clinical studies showing the efficiency of Ageless Male and its active ingredients in increasing the production of testosterone hormone in the organism.

Product & Usage: The Ageless Male dietary supplement is not planned for medical diagnosis or treatment of any illness. It has just a supporting product and shouldn’t be utilized for treatment of any illnesses!

Its price is low compared to the majority of similar dietary supplements, raising doubts and concerns about the quality of its formula and its efficiency.

Ageless Male’s company offers a 30-day money back guarantee (without any questions asked).

There are no shipping charges for orders over $35 and it is provided within 1-2 service days (with some restrictions and exceptions).


The Ageless Male dietary supplement is available as oral tablets, and aims at increasing testosterone levels in organism and enhancing the quality of life!

Its formula makes this supplement safe for the body and health, but there isn’t enough clinical proof for its efficiency.

Reviews received on the Amazon platform are moderate leaving concerns about the efficiency of this specific tablet and the claims made by the maker.

Its price is rather cheap for most of the people and the online order is definitely easy.

There are still concerns relating to the quality of the product due to its low – compared to all other known dietary supplements – cost!

TIP: Do not rush to purchase before you finish an extensive marketing research on testosterone boosters, their structure and their abilities.
There are products with even more positive reviews on the web making them a better choice.

Ageless Male


Overall Rating


Ingredient Strength


Ingredient Quality


Customer Feedback


Long Term Results



  • affordable price
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • 100% natural
  • easy purchase


  • mixed reviews
  • not enough studies to demonstrate its potence
  • no strong ingredients or in high quantities